Advanced Studio Production/Course

These are examples from my elective course focusing on studio production.

“You Don’t Know What Love Is” is a cover of an old jazz standard by MGK from Esbjerg. My role in this was purely to be technician. Meaning that we took care of the microphone setup and placement, signal path and recording into Pro Tools. After the fact I did mixing and mastering on this track. The track was recorded at Lundgaard Studios.

Also in my group was: Birk Bønløkke, Malte Behrens and Jens Rønne

“Weird Fishes” is a cover and interpretation of a Radiohead song. This was part of the exam on this elected course. We had to produce, record, mix and master a track, and we came up with this one. My role was to played one of the electric guitars, and help with the engineering. This version is my mix and master of the track. The Track was recorded in Sonic College’s studio.